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tail -F

I would like to follow an error log as errors are written. The GNU tail command support a --follow option that outputs data as a file grows. There's also a --retry option that will keep trying to access a file … Continue reading

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nohup &

I would like to run a script in the background and to keep running even after I log out. To run a command or script in the background use an ampersand, e.g., # ./ & This is equivalent to suspending … Continue reading

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php echo and print

Is echo really, even negligibly, faster than print in php? Conventional wisdom of the Internet says "yes", because print performs one extra op (it returns a value). I've seen performance charts with 20% or more difference in performance. I tested … Continue reading

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get_magic_quotes_gpc(), or not

I would like to sanitize user-supplied HTTP request variables before sending them to a database. There is a deprecated PHP setting called magic_quotes_gpc that automatically escapes GET, POST, and COOKIE (GPC) operators. Please understand that magic_quotes_gpc is highly discouraged. <?php … Continue reading

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I would like to retrieve the id of a row I just inserted. In Oracle this problem is handled with the use of sequences, SQL> SELECT uid_seq.NEXTVAL INTO user_id FROM DUAL; SQL> INSERT INTO users (id, username) VALUES (user_id, 'joebob'); … Continue reading

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php DB adapter, with magic

I would like to encapsulate the handling of database connections, and maintain a loose coupling between database connections and application and data-access code. I'll not focus on connection pooling since that can be handled at the driver level independent of … Continue reading

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mysql \c

The mysql command line interface provides several very useful shortcuts. For example, the 'tee' command will append everything to a specified outfile: mysql> \T logfile.txt Logging to file 'logfile.txt' The 'clear' command saves from accidentally hitting Ctrl-C and disconnecting from … Continue reading

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php Namespaces and Class loading

I want to autoload php classes and functions. Ideally, I want a lazy loader (include class files only when they are needed, never including more files than necessary). I'd also like namespace protection (if running PHP 5.3 or later). And … Continue reading

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