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HTML + CSS + JavaScript Lessons

I would like a very simple introduction to web development, from the basics of HTML and CSS, to the proper use of JavaScript; and all without getting bogged down in complicated textbooks. I've been working with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript … Continue reading

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scripting Photoshop for stop motion

I would like a simple and quick way to save a copy of an image in Photoshop, with an auto-incrementing filename. Ideally, a single button to capture a frame in a stop motion animation. In other words, I would like … Continue reading

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HTML5 canvas Mandelbrot

I would like to create an animated Mandelbrot visualization using JavaScript on an HTML5 <canvas> element. The Mandelbrot set, popularized by BenoĆ®t Mandelbrot, is the set of complex numbers that remain bounded under the function zn+1 = zn2 + c. … Continue reading

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javascript keyboard buffer, part 4

Previously, we created a JavaScript keyboard buffer that can edit text in a static html page as well as play back each key as it was typed. I would like to combine all of this into a single JavaScript include … Continue reading

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css opacity in javascript

I want register JavaScript events to toggle CSS opacity on selectable images. For example, given a div with a list of images like the following, <div id="foo_images"> <img src="foo.jpg" /> <img src="bar.jpg" /> <img src="baz.jpg" /> ... </div> I would … Continue reading

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html footer at the bottom

I want the footer of an html page to never be higher than the bottom of the browser window. In other words, if there's not enough content to fill a webpage, I want the footer to be at the bottom … Continue reading

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scraping and parsing html

I would like to read J. Krishnamurti books on my Kindle. Unfortunately, no ebooks were available although I did find that has an extensive collection of books on their website. At present there is no full download, only a … Continue reading

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