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python, unique files by content

I would like to retrieve a list of unique files by content rather than by filename. That is, if spam.txt and eggs.txt both contained the same contents I want only one of them to return. A very simple approach is … Continue reading

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python daemon

I would like to create a python daemon, completely detaching from the terminal or parent process, and yet retaining any log handlers through the python logging module. There is a wonderful example at cookbook-278731 of a well-behaved daemon, and see … Continue reading

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python logging

I would like customizable logging in python applications, and I would like to easily send log messages to multiple handlers without any modification of the application code. The built-in logging module provides a very robust and easy-to-use logging capability. In … Continue reading

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python Fibonacci list

The Fibonacci sequence in python looks something like this def fib(n): if n == 0: return 0 elif n == 1: return 1 else: return fib(n-1) + fib(n-2) But expect stack overflows for even small values of n, e.g., fib(60) … Continue reading

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scraping and parsing html

I would like to read J. Krishnamurti books on my Kindle. Unfortunately, no ebooks were available although I did find that has an extensive collection of books on their website. At present there is no full download, only a … Continue reading

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