node.js redirect with query string

Previously, I discussed javascript appending to query string, where we serialized an associative array to a query string. I would now like to leverage this technique within node.js as a redirect service.

Specifically, I am using express to make a web app in node.js and the app includes a redirect service, e.g.,

var app = express();
var redirectVars = {'foo':'spam and eggs', 'tracker':42 };

// redirect and append redirectVars
app.get('/redirect', function(request, result, next) {
  if(request.query.url) {
    var urle = request.query.url;
    var url = decodeURIComponent(urle);
    var firstSeperator = (url.indexOf('?')==-1 ? '?' : '&');

    var queryStringParts = new Array();
    for(var key in redirectVars) {
      queryStringParts.push(key + '=' + encodeURIComponent(redirectVars[key]));
    var queryString = queryStringParts.join('&');

    result.redirect(url + firstSeperator + queryString);
  result.send("400", "Bad request");

Usage of this service is as simple as,


Any external app could use this service, which will append server controlled query string variables to the redirected URL. This is useful for a redirect service that needs to dynamically construct query string variables, such as cross-domain authentication and authorization.

Importantly, in order to preserve an existing query string in the new-location, simply encode the entire URL string before sending it into the service, e.g.,

var new_location = encodeURIComponent("");
window.location = "" + new_location;

Using the above node.js example, this would have the effect of redirecting the user to

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